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Story about a Men's helpline

story about a men's helpline. Here's one for you:

Title: "The Listener"

John had always felt like he was an expert at fixing things. Whether it was a leaky faucet, a broken lawnmower, or a struggling relationship, he had a knack for finding a solution. But when he started working at the men's helpline, he quickly realized that not all problems were so easily fixed.

The helpline was a small, non-profit organization that offered support and counseling to men in need. It was staffed entirely by volunteers, many of whom, like John, were trained in crisis management and counseling. They took calls from all over the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At first, John was nervous. He wasn't used to talking to strangers on the phone, and he wasn't sure if he was equipped to handle some of the heavy and deeply personal problems that callers might bring up. But as he started answering calls, he quickly realized that he was good at it. He had a calm and reassuring voice, and he was able to listen intently, offering words of comfort and guidance when needed.

One of the most frequent calls John received was from men struggling with depression and anxiety. They often felt alone and hopeless, and just needed someone to talk to. John would listen as they shared their fears and worries, offering encouragement and reminding them that they were not alone.

Another frequent call came from men in abusive relationships. They would call in the middle of the night, seeking help and a way out. John would listen as they recounted out the details of their situation, offering advice on how to stay safe and how to find resources for getting help. He would also connect them with shelters and hotlines, offering them a way out of their situation.

But one call in particular stayed with John long after he hung up the phone. It was from a young man named Michael, who was struggling with addiction. He had lost his job, his girlfriend, and his home, and he felt like he had nowhere left to turn. John listened as Michael poured out his heart, telling him about the guilt and shame he felt for what he had done. He told John about his failed attempts to get clean, and how he didn't think he could do it on his own.

John stayed on the phone with Michael for over an hour, talking him through his feelings and offering support and encouragement. He reminded Michael that he was strong, and that with help, he could overcome his addiction. John connected Michael with local treatment centers, and made sure he had the resources he needed to take the first step towards recovery.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. John continued to answer calls at the helpline, offering support and hope to those in need. But he never forgot about Michael. He checked in on him periodically, offering encouragement and support as he went through treatment and worked to rebuild his life.

Eventually, John received a call from Michael. He was in a recovery program, and he was doing well. He thanked John for his help, and told him that he wouldn't have been able to make it this far without him. John was filled with pride and joy, knowing that he had made a difference in Michael's life.

Years went by, and John continued to volunteer at the helpline. He saw countless men come and go, each with their own unique story and struggles. But no matter what, he was always there to listen. He was the listener, and he was making a difference, one call at a time.

The end

Indeed this was a fraud man named Jhn as first he used to listen & then he used to sell those poor men to lawyers & adocates for some commission.

He turned out to be a commission agent for lawyers & advocates, hence, if you ae in trouble, then, seek assistance of LTR from atur chatur sir from MEN CELL DELHI as that's the true helpline for men in delhi & All Over India.

LTR benefits for Non Residnet Indian husbands in false 498a?

LTR, or Legal Technical Representation, is a service that provides legal representation to individuals who are facing a court case in India. It is especially beneficial for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who are living abroad and may not have the resources or time to physically attend court proceedings in India. In this story, we will explore the benefits of LTR for NRIs.

Rajesh was an NRI living in Dubai. He had been working there for the past 10 years and was leading a happy life with his family. One day, he received a notice from an Indian court regarding a case that had been filed against him by his wife. She was accusing him of domestic violence and dowry harassment. Rajesh was shocked and didn't know what to do. He was scared that he would lose his job if he went back to India to attend the court proceedings, and he didn't have the time to go back and forth between Dubai and India.

Rajesh heard about LTR from a friend, who had used their services for a similar case. He contacted the LTR team and explained his situation to them. They assured him that they would take care of everything and that he wouldn't have to worry about a thing. Rajesh was hesitant at first, but he eventually agreed to use their services.

The LTR team assigned a legal representative to Rajesh's case. This representative was a highly experienced and qualified lawyer who specialized in domestic violence and dowry harassment cases. They thoroughly analyzed Rajesh's case and gathered all the relevant documents and evidence. They also represented Rajesh in court and cross-examined the witnesses and presented the evidence.

Thanks to the LTR team's efforts, the case was dismissed by the court, and Rajesh was acquitted of all the charges against him. He was relieved that he didn't have to go through the stress and hassle of attending the court proceedings himself, and that he could focus on his work and family in Dubai.

The benefits of LTR for NRIs are numerous. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Convenience: NRIs can avail LTR services without having to physically attend court proceedings in India. This saves them time and money, as they wouldn't have to take time off work or travel back and forth between India and their place of residence.

  2. Expertise: The LTR team consists of highly experienced and qualified lawyers who specialize in various areas of law. They have the expertise to handle complex legal cases and ensure that the NRI's rights are protected.

  3. Peace of Mind: NRIs can be assured that their case is in safe hands and that they don't have to worry about anything. This peace of mind is priceless, as it allows them to focus on other important aspects of their life.

  4. Cost-effective: Availing LTR services is often more cost-effective than hiring a private lawyer. This is because the LTR team handles multiple cases at once and can spread their costs over several clients.

In conclusion, LTR is a boon for NRIs who are facing legal cases in India. It provides them with the convenience, expertise, peace of mind, and cost-effectiveness that they need to successfully navigate the legal system. If you are an NRI facing a legal case in India, consider using LTR services to protect your rights and interests.

They can reach Atur Chatur at 9873540498 or at MEN CELL DELHI as these two teams help NRI's all over the globe.

Tuesday 18 October 2016



NOTE:- Advise available for all countries laws vis-a-vis adultery & divorce so if you want divorce from your adulterous wife & want to have Consultation with ATUR CHATUR by paying him the consultation fees then contact him at +91-9873540498 & must also leave an email at ATURCHATUR@YAHOO.COM

There is no organization in India who is working to guide the true fighting tactics to the NRI barring few who are themselves NOT experienced in handling NRI issues. Men Rights for NRI is an attempt by Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir to help non resident Indians who are victims of false cases by their wives come up with some innovative methods to fight these false cases. These techniques help them bring the opposite party on settlement terms as per the terms of the husband or agree for divorce or reunion as per the terms of the NRI husband based on true facts. If a NRI knows his rights in India then he can fight the court case without a lawyer & that too without coming to India.

In India some men rights organizations have emerged with the names such as India bachao, lets Save India or the like and their purpose is NOT to help the men know their rights or help the men enforce their rights but instead they are fooling people to follow them.


Instead of guiding people they are telling them to give missed call on their number so that they can create a cry database to show the ministries that see how many people follow them so please give us a chance to be a minister in the name of helping men. This is NOT solution for which people goto patiala house or other places for help in the name of men rights. These people just want to be ministers & men victims of false cases are NOT fools to follow them or join their cry database.

The men who search for Men Rights just want to know what are the rights available to men in India but dilemma is that there are NO rights for men in India because:-
èIn India men are powerful
èIn India men do NOT cry
èIn India men are good for rape, harassment & other evils only
The above are NOT my views or the views of Atur Chatur but these are the views which are enforced in the minds of the people by various pressure groups, be it women helplines, vexatious complaint writing lawyers or other instigators who instigate the women to file false dowry harassment cases.

What men need to know is that do they have any rights?
The answer is “YES” there are rights of men also in place in India which are guaranteed vide Constitution of India.

Then why such myths are there in the environment & what to do?
Since there are various myths hence you need to either keep enforcing your rights guaranteed vide constitution of India or even better simply enforce or invoke your human rights. As per Human Rights, when the matter is NOT triable then putting the matter under trial is the violation of my human rights. One needs to enforce this right.

Can any counter case be filed on women for filing false case on husband’s family?
YES, Defamation is one of the favorites but I personally feel that the strongest case to be filed against the wife is to file Perjury u/s 340 CrPC on your beloved wife for filing false case on you & your entire family & that too with supporting evidences.

Is there any Perjury Expert in India?
Wherever you will go everyone will say you YES, I CAN FILE PERJURY or I CAN WRITE PERURY but as per us the person who himself has filed perjury is the best person to get your perjury drafted from.

Can Atur Chatur Sir help drafting Perjury Application?
YES, Atur Chatur can be contacted on his email to get your perjury drafted.

What all is needed to be sent to to get the perjury drafted?
Just send in para-wise manner all the facts i.e., all the lies spoken by your wife against you & the family members with supporting evidences.

Do I need to send evidences also to Atur Chatur Sir?
NO, Just write down the facts & send him in a word file. Regarding evidences, just tell him that you have:-
so & so evidences for this that event
so & so evidences for this that lie deliberately spoken by the wife
so & so evidences proving that she was in goa that day which can be proved through call records
so & so evidences for this that contradiction
so & so evidences for this that vacillating stand
so & so evidences for this that fraud or crime u/s 420 committed by the wife.

Just write down the facts & send him. Thereafter it’s the job of Hon’ble Atur Chatur to enforce your Men Rights in India.

Yes, Counter cases like Criminal Complaint u/s 420 IPC r/w other relevant sections of IPC can also be filed against the wife if you gather some proofs of forgery committed by her with the sole motive to harass you.

Such cases must be filed at the ground zero level itself i.e., at the Metropolitan Magistrate Court’s level who has the power to take action against the wife under the law & such MM is duty bound to take action in accordance with law.

Men Rights in India are the rights which a NRI male victim of false cases by NRI wife or by Indian wife can exercise including the human rights.

Any more cases to harass the wife?
Of Course, there are ‘n’ number of cases which you can file on your wife regarding which you can discuss with Hon’ble Atur Chatur but we suggest that whenever you file any case on your wife then your intention should be NOT to harass her but your intention must be TO PROVE HERSELF WRONG i.e., to prove to the court that she filed false case or that she did this that sec-420 IPC crime with the sole4 motive to harass you in the court of law. In that case you will certainly win & she will certainly feel harassed but NOT for your lies but for the lies spoken by her own self.


Many husbands after years of litigations think about the settlement & they wonder that why they are NOT winning the litigation despite mountain high efforts & tones of evidences. The questions that come to the minds of the people are as follows:-

How to bring the wife on negotiation table?

Why my wife is NOT settling the matrimonial dispute despite myself having filed ‘n’ number of perjury & other counter applications including TEP, dp3, CrPC 91 etc?

Why are the case getting dragged endlessly?

Why the cockroaches are sleeping on my counter attacks & why her application is NOT being thrown out the court for being vexatious?

Why the courts & society is laughing at me & why I am being turned into a mute spectator?

Am I missing something?

Atur Chatur Sir is the expert in settlement of matrimonial disputes in India. You just need to press the charges or press your applications & remember that all your counters must be filed before framing of charges i.e., before framing of issues and for that you can even write an application with the heading, “PROPOSED ISSUES FILED ON BEHALF OF RESPONDENT HUSBAND IN HMA 123/2017 WITH PRINCIPAL JUDGE SH. DILNAASH SINGH”

Further, What the husband are missing despite their cases being rock strong?
The answer is that, husbands just file counter attacks or counter cases but they forget to press the applications/ such cases.

What can we do if the judge is hell bent to protect the wife despite the fact that she committed 420 IPC crime or despite the fact that she committed perjury/ fraud on court?
You need to invoke IN-HOUSE MECHANISM against the judge & the right authority is Registrar Vigilance of High Court.

Can we bring the wife on negotiation table?
YES, do the following:-
èWhen you goto the court do NOT look within eyes of your wife else you will lose the trget
èWhen you goto court then press your applications
èWhen you goto court press your applications against your wife vehemently & eloquently
èDo all communication with the judge in writing only.
èIf judge wants to move ahead with case without deciding your applications then tell him that moving ahead with the case without deciding your so & so applications especially perjury & preliminary objections is an act NOT in accordance with law & that you vehemently object to it.
èIf judge still does wrong then immediately type PURSHIS APPLICATION same day itself & give it in hand to the court concerned. If the court is closed that time then before 12 in night same day goto a 24 hours open post office & post that Purshis application to the court concerned. Do NOT forget to annex/ attach an affidavit if that is the matter of a civil court or a family court. Affidavit is NOT required in case of a MM/ JFMC court as per my personal suggestion.
èInstead of Purshis application you can alternatively write the heading as “WRITTEN NOTES OF ARGUMENTS”

How can ATUR CHATUR SIR help us in bring our wives on the negotiation table?
The answer is PAPER TIGERS.

What is a Paper Tiger & How can it bring the wife on the negotiation table for settlement of matrimonial disputes?
Based on your facts & evidences, atur chatur sir will get your representations drafted & this drafting assistance can be best used if you file those party in person because if you engage a lawyer then one more person is added as a decision maker & since you have already given vakalatnama to your advocate hence he will be in a position to withdraw your applications/ representations with/ without your consent as you have given him wide powers vide that vakalatnama to appear on your behalf & also act on your behalf as he deems fit & proper. If by mistake or deliberately withdraws that representation/ application then it becomes even more difficult to bring your wife on negotiation table.

Is it necessary to remove my lawyer/ advocate for using the services of atur chatur sir?
 NO, you can side by side use the services of atur chatur but tell the drafting guru & settlement expert atur chatur to include a para at relevant places within that representation so that such lawyer/ advocate’s right is snatched by you to withdraw that application.

Can I remove my lawyer?
Can I fight party in person after attaching a lawyer?
YES, You can do that by a simple application. Further, if a lawyer is NOT appearing on your behalf & you are pushing many applications signed as “party in person” & such lawyer/ advocate/ AOR (advocate on record) does NOT appear on your behalf for several dates then he is automatically removed TECHNICALLY at least.

Can my wife/ someone send some lawyer/ advocate to appear on my behalf as my proxy counsel when I am absent & especially when I am fighting my litigations party in person?
NO, this is against the law. This is also a fraud. This is also known as Proxy Counsel Fraud. This terminology called, “PROXY COUNSEL FRAUD” has been coined by Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir & he is himself first one in India to file such complaint against a Principal Judge of Family Court who also acted as District Judge before retirement.

What is a Proxy Counsel Fraud?
Proxy Counsel if a term NOT found anywhere in the advocates act & also found nowhere in the Supreme Courts act so how come someone appear on your behalf as a proxy counsel when even an AOR is NOT authorized to send someone on his behalf.

Why this is Proxy Counsel Fraud?
This is proxy counsel fraud because you never signed anywhere for that person to appear on your behalf.

What to do if there is Proxy Counsel Fraud?
Immediately file a complaint to Bar Council of India. Also send one more complaint to Chief Justice of High Court & also to Registrar Vigilance of High Court.

YES, the blog of atur chatur by the name “documents misplaced by court” enlists the procedure to file a criminal defamation complaint a judge. In short if I say then, for that, you need to get permission of the state government because section 397 gives immunity to a judge but if a judge does an act which is NOT part of his official duty then YES you can file complaint a judge too. Contact Atur Chatur Sir as this is a highly sensitive matter & you must get assistance of someone who has good command over the writing skills & also from someone who himself has related experiences in respect thereof.

To book an appointment with Atur Chatur kindly click on the below link nari 498a helpline which helps men victims of false 498a, false dowry harassment, false domestic violence complaint, false crpc 125, false custody allegations & the like. Adultery Incest is also sometimes the reason behind these false cases.

MEN RIGHTS FOR Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Non Reisdent Indians are the worst hit because they have to enter India to fight cases & if they fight cases & try to come to India then they will be arrested at the airport itself as there are chances that LOC (Look Out Circular) is already issued in their names & distributed in the computer networks of the airports & other relevant port-ins or port-outs so such a person in whose name look out circular has been issued can neither easily go out of India or enter India hence the sword will keep hanging on his head forever or at least till that non resident Indian is honorarily acquitted or acquitted for want to evidences i.e., the opposite party is unable to prove the allegations leveled against the NRI. Hence, NRI 498A HELPLINE is a positive step to help all those victims of false cases who are living abroad & against whom domestic violence complaint has been filed from cross country jurisdiction.
Best wishes to NRI Husbands to fight strongly these extortion filled cases.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family!!!.

Story about a Men's helpline

story about a men's helpline. Here's one for you: Title: "The Listener" John had always felt like he was an expert at fixi...